Today is a great day to inspire and empower yourself and others! 

~Edward Frey III


Edward Frey is the President of and an Ignition coach who works with people like you to inspire and empower people affected by traumatic experiences which are holding them back.

He knows if a limited belief system, phobia or negative experience is holding someone back it can cause their life to be less fulfilled and they may miss opportunities that are right in front of them. 

I have worked in the rewarding field of coaching/ consulting and have improved people’s lives by creating a synergistic relationship and seeking opportunities to improve their performance and situational awareness.

He holds a license in Neuro-Linguistics from NLP Seminars Group International. With the training involved, he has the ability to improve people’s communication, experiences, and quality of life.

I want to help people help themselves!

To contact me please call (206) 949-5597



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Mission Statement

To inspire and empower people affected by traumatic experiences that are holding them back from pursuing their passion.



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